COR One™



The first at-home medical device to measure chronic, acute, and low-grade inflammation. From only a single drop of blood. FDA registered.

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FSA/HSA approved

Easy to use

One Year Warranty

What’s Included

1 COR One™ Device

The COR One™ is a world first. It promises to make inflammation tracking available to everyone. Medically accurate, yet lightweight and compact. Its companion web app includes the ability to add notes and tags to your results.

2 COR Mini Test Tubes™

The COR Mini Test Tube™ provides the most comfortable experience possible, medical accuracy, and huge cost savings compared to conventional lab testing. Extra tests – as low as $11.99 each (available before checkout).

USB Charger and Cable

A dedicated USB-C charger and cable are provided. You can also power the COR One™ using a computer USB-C port.

1 Sample Station

The Sample Station makes blood collection even easier. It enables a hands-free collection experience.


Do other home devices exist to measure chronic inflammation?

No. Such devices are not sensitive enough. They can only measure high levels of inflammation. For example, to confirm a bacterial infection. The COR One™ can measure both high and low levels of inflammation (known as silent or microinflammation).

Are COR One™ results as accurate as lab results?

The COR One™ is medically accurate and FDA registered.

Can I share the results with my physician?

Yes. Your physician will understand your Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) results. Additionally, the COR dashboard allows you to print your results. You can then share them with medical professionals.

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