The COR user experience

The COR user experience

We build hardware/software products to give deep understanding of how you respond to lifestyle improvements (food, fitness, rest, recovery) and how you can make changes to improve your health.

With our first product, the COR One In-home ESR device, the user experience revolves around frequent (weekly or monthly) testing in the home, using a painless fingerstick and a tiny amount of blood, similar to what is used in a glucose meter.  But instead of measuring glucose, the COR One technology measures the most reliable, sensitive, broad, and accurate biomarker of inflammation tracking, the erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR).

The COR app engages and captures your journey to improvement, using the COR machine learning analytics as feedback. We establish an engagement loop that begins with regular testing  by doing a COR check-in (tiny blood sample) and incorporating this as a habit, and a part of the weekly or monthly routine. 

An example case follows:

COR User

A COR One user, age 65, ESR started rising when the user was having trouble sleeping in mid-January. Intervention was tart cherry juice before bedtime causing a notable reduction in ESR and improved sleep quality and duration. Notably ESR baseline is now lower than even before the sleep problems.

At COR (our name is short for Correlation) we are developing an AI to solve inflammation.  We help you see what worked, through episodic changes in your blood ESR from a tiny finger poke. Using this approach COR hopes to become the much needed authority on health and wellness, having the deep understanding necessary to say what works for you.

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